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Dentures help people make the most of life after tooth loss. They restore oral functionality, enhance appearance, boost self-confidence, and help you maintain overall good health. We specialise in dentures in Logan and Underwood.

Advances in technology have made dentures more comfortable than ever, and they look more like real teeth.

Dentures are customised for a precise fit – from a mould of your mouth to create an exact replica of your natural teeth – so you’ll also be able to eat and talk with confidence.

Whether you’re missing a single tooth, a few teeth or all your teeth, dentures can address multiple problems associated with tooth loss.

Problems that Dentures Fix

Missing teeth can spoil your appearance, impair your speech, and limit the types of foods you can eat.

Our Underwood and Logan Dentures can fix these problems by:

  • Preventing sunken cheeks that make you look older
  • Enabling you to speak clearly
  • Allowing a more varied diet

Why you Need to Replace Missing Teeth

Teeth help to maintain oral and facial structure, enable us to chew food so it’s digestible, and play a role in speech function.

The loss of a single tooth can affect the function of your mouth, and if you’re missing more teeth, the effects can be far more serious.

Gaps left by missing teeth put remaining teeth under stress as bite force shifts onto them, which can move them out of position.

And just one missing back tooth can bend your smile out of shape.

Our Underwood and Logan Dentures resolve problems like these to restore oral functionality and facial appearance.

Dentures combined with implants

Although dentures have many benefits, they can’t address the problem of jaw bone loss. Without a tooth to support, underlying bone will start to deteriorate, just as muscle atrophies without exercise.

This problem can be fixed by using dental implants in conjunction with dentures. Unlike standard dentures, dental implants fuse with bone to form an artificial tooth root that preserves the structural integrity of the jaw and helps to maintain facial appearance.

Most people who have lost teeth can enjoy the benefits of dentures. Contact us to find out whether our dentures in Logan and Underwood are your best tooth replacement option.

Any invasive or surgical procedure has risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner. Individual results can vary.

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