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Mouthguards & Nightguards

Many kids and adults lose teeth through sports-related injuries that could have been prevented by wearing a mouthguard.
If you or your children take part in a contact sport at any level, a mouthguard in its carrying case should be an essential item in the kit bag
As well as protecting your teeth, mouthguards help to keep your jaw, tongue and cheeks safe, and reduce the risk of concussion in the event of impact.

When you should wear your mouthguard

Dental trauma is the most common type of facial injury in sports, and some sports are more dangerous than others.

The Australian Dental Association (ADA) recommends a mouthguard for any activity where collision or contact is likely, including training as well as games.

This makes mouthguards crucial for many sports, including:
  • Australian football
  • American football
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Boxing
  • Hockey
  • Rugby
  • Soccer
  • Volleyball

Why custom mouthguards are a good investment

Custom mouthguards are more expensive than store-bought mouthguards because they’re made by dental professionals from an impression of your teeth.

However, investing in a professional-standard mouthguard can save you money in the long term. The cost of treatment for a fractured tooth is much higher than that of a custom mouthguard.

Contact Underwood Dentistry to learn more about the crucial role of mouthguards.

Advantages of customised mouthguards

Cheap mouthguards are available from sports equipment stores but custom-fitted mouthguards provided by dentists offer better protection and are more comfortable.

Recommended by the Australian Dental Association, custom-made mouthguards usually last a year or more, while keeping their shape. They also afford extra protection where needed.

Other advantages of a customised mouthguard include:
  • Secure fit
  • No hindrance to breathing or speech
  • No bad taste or odour
  • Damage resistance
  • Ease of cleaning

Nightguards or Occlusal Splints

An occlusal splint, or a night guard, is considered the most effective way to combat teeth grinding while you sleep. And can help to counter the effects of damage from teeth grinding (bruxism) which can cause damage to your teeth such as your dental fillings.

Bruxism happens most often during sleep, and can be caused by factors such as stress or a sleep disorder.

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